Friday, October 31, 2014


Monday October 27th, I had a public colloquy om the Internationell författarscen in Malmö with the great Mexican writer Álvaro Enrigue about his recent novel Muerte Subita (Sudden death) that has been named Tiebreak in swedish, published by Natur & kultur.


If you're interested in Álvaros work, in the colonization of Mexico, in testicles, virility, baroque art and violence, you should listen to our conversation. You find it here, it's one hour long, included are also the actress Hannah Canvert's readings of some essential passages in the novel:

I was very flattered when Alváro  afterwards gav me hug and told me that he thought ours was the best writer's discussion he'd ever experienced. According to him, I am the only critic and reader who has understood the secret centre of the novel: Bolyn's balls. So we talked a lot about machismo, castration and testicles.

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