Tuesday, November 11, 2014


”Edenborg has created his own Kill Bill, a swedish warrior princess. /…/ I understand why the novel was nominated for the August Prize, it would not surprise me if it won. ”Alchemist’s Daughter” is sharper than anything Edenborg has written earlier. The style is more compelling, the plot stronger and there is a restrained intensity that makes the text not wriggles on the surface. It is this grim darkness that makes it interesting and entertaining. / ... / Here are secret ciphers that must be solved, the hunt for the philosopher’s stone and much else that makes of ”The Alchemist’s daughter” a sort of Harry Potter for grown-ups. / ... / The novel is irresistible, Rebis Drakenstierna is a bombshell.  (Anna Hallberg, Dagens Nyheter

”It is a compelling depiction of the times, an action-packed and steamy tale of adventure and a penetrating portrait of a young woman’s development. All in one. I can’t stop reading. / ... / ”The Alchemist’s Daughter” could have remained a rich and entertaining tale, but Edenborg wants more than that. The depiction of Rebis’ struggle with herself, with her feelings and conscience, is the heart of the story. And the sweet thing is that she comes so close to her readers that I eventually hope she actually succeed in his task. / ... / Oh yes. The August jury thought quite right to designate this novel for the price. ” (Oline Stig, Syd-svenska Dagbladet)

”Exciting in Dan Brown’s best-spirit.”  (Ulrika Kärnborg, Aftonbladet)

”An easy to read suspense novel, while full of layers of ideas of what life is, that makes me as a reader to reflect and ponder.”  (Simon Olofsson, Piteå-tidningen

”The Alchemist’s daughter impresses in it’s deep historical knowledge. The alchemical details sometimes becomes almost magical: athanor, dew salt, phioler, transmutation. It is an epic novel.” (Max Hebert, Gävle Dagblad

”The Alchemist’s Daughter is an entertaining hunt for doomsday, where fantasy, horror and esotericism are boiled into a simmering black mixture ” (Ann Lingebrandt, ETC

”The novel may be bloody, sometimes horrifying, and juicy. In the end, it’s a tale of carres­sing, devout love. A love that neither demands the destruction of the person or the universe and that, in an unusual literary and awesome way, molds women in a historical milieu without making them victims ” (Ingrid Bosseldahl, Göteborgs-Posten

”The intrigue in Carl-Michael Edenborg’s new novel is irresibly grand…the Alchemist’s Dauther is a shamelessly entertaining novel.” (John Sjögren, Upsala Nya Tidning

”Rebis’ journey through her world and her time creates both laughter and tears… The Alchemist’s Daughter is a book that should be read in school as part of the history curriculum.” (Tharos Gröning

”Edenborg is a brilliant stylist and teller of tales. But except of being a vertiginous historical adventure, filled with color, fragrances, stench and fine details, The Alchemist’s Daughter is also something else and more. It tells us something absolutely timeless about the sould of man.” (Anna Rudberg-W, Östgöta Correspondenten)

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