Monday, April 8, 2013


One year ago, the swedish publisher Ink bokförlag published my Det parapornografiska manifestet, a text written in the classical style of the communists, surrealists, futurists etc, to plead for a perspective on porn and antiporn that hopefully is both liberating, revolting and inspiring.

The edition was very well received in Sweden. You find quotes and links (only in swedish, still) here.

Now, the US publisher Action books has produced a translated edition of the work, called, to no big surprise, The Parapornographic Manifesto, with a beautiful and brilliant cover:

This is a screenshot from one of the events surrounding the swedish book-release, when I discussed the ideas with historian Klara Arnberg and publisher Gabriel Itkes Snap (the whole video is on YouTube):

The Parapornographic Manifesto can be purchased at Amazon or SPD.

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