Friday, April 19, 2013


To my great joy, the Swedish Book Review recently published a critique of my novel about Händel, Mitt grymma öde, written by the dutch translater Janny Middelbeek-Oortgiesen. She describes it as a "whirling roller coaster ride through the baroque age" and also compares it to one of my favorite swedish writers:

"Edenborg presents his story in a lively, bombastic style, dark and colourful at the same time, with hedonistic scenes, highs and lows, in which he brings Handel to life as a fat, ugly megalomaniac, full of self-contempt but capable of great insight into human character. Edenborg’s style reminds me of that of another Swedish writer, the famous Sven Delblanc, who was a master of the mixture of solemnity and vulgarity, of baroque writing, fine metaphors and very refined characterisation. And who, by the way, also wrote a novel on the life of some famous castrato singers, Kastrater (The Castrati, 1975)."

You find the whole review here:

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