Monday, April 8, 2013


Here are some excerpts from the swedish reviews of The Parapornographic Manifesto, translated by me:

David Stenbeck in Kristianstadsbladet: "an interesting and important book" –

Elin Lucassi i Litteraturmagazinet: "well worth reading (and re-reading) when you return home and wishes for your sunburned head to do some work" –

Benny Holmberg in Tidningen Kulturen: "it is a very interesting and in some parts highly provocative pamphlet Edenborg has written" –

Unsigned, in Arbetet: "teaches us how to relate the postpornographic state that keeps us prisoners" –

Erik van Ooijen in Kulturdelen: "Carl-Michael Edenborg's Det parapornografiska manifestet is a crazily stimulating read, that with both elegance and insurrection manages to collect a wealth of exciting ideas and impulses" –

Nina Lekander in Aftonbladet: "instead of a sex-obsessed publisher - I prefer a sex-obsessed writer, that has put on  Bengt Anderberg's, Hans Nestius', Inge & Sten's, Suzanne Brøgger's och Kathy Acker's wings and flown further" –

John Sjögren in Uppsala Nya Tidning: "Edenborg formulates, with a verbal fire that reminds me of the intensity in the classic modernistic manifestoes, a critique of both commercial pornography and the censoring antipornographic movement" –

Jens Liljestrand in Sydsvenskan: "a both stimulating and worrying pamphlet against humanism, an intellectual crusade on slack rope against our time's established ideas of gender, power, sexuality and ethics" –

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