Friday, February 24, 2017


Later this year, the publishing house Saga-Egmont will produce audio books of the six titles I wrote 1999-2013 under the pseudonym "Gunnar Blå": three novels ("The Third Sister-Trilogy" consisting of "The Third Sister", "Descend the Stairs" and "Surveillance: The Memory of You") and three collections of erotic short stories: "Clumsiness", "The Bicycle-Repair Lady" and "You Eat My Face".

Originally, I wrote under the pseudonym to be free to let go of all inhibitions, my kids then attending school etc. Now, I don't feel that need anymore.

A posteriori, the texts written by "Gunnar Blå" and the ones written by "Edenborg" seem pretty much alike, even though the craftmanship might have improved during the years. The collection "Clumsiness and other stories" (1999) is my real debut book, it's raw, weird and pretty funny. I have found that many readers enjoy its artlessness and naivety more than the more elaborated work.

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