Saturday, April 4, 2015


A few weeks ago, Luca Vaccaris brilliant translation of Mitt grymma öde - "Händel e un destino perverso" - was published by Imprimatur editore. Now, to my great joy, the first review of the novel has arrived.

Katia Ciarrocchi writes very flatteringly in Lib(e)ro Libro:

"Your whole being is engaged when you read, hear and experience the paragraphs in Händel e un destino perverso, a 335 pages book that enabled me to (re)discover Händel in all his glory."

"Carl Michael Edenborg's mastery shows not only in his description of the composer's life, but also when he colors and enrichens the paragraphs with growing bustling steps in the important moments in the musical formation of the composer."

Ciarrocchi ends her review with these enthusiastic words:

"According to Norra Skåne, Händel e un destino perverso is a 'orgy in the sexuality of Händel'. I totally agree. It's a book that enchants you and transports you beyond words. A book where the music takes possession of the soul and your limbs enjoy every vibration."

(Thanks Luca Vaccari for help with the translation.)

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